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Composite wood decking, fencing and balustrade for caravans

With the popularity of caravans on the rise, caravan decking, fencing and balustrade has become increasingly more sought-after in the UK. Naturally caravan owners aspire to maintain the condition of their caravan and the grounds that surround it, so when they next return, they can enjoy a well-maintained, fabulous-looking caravan that is in great condition.

A growing number of caravan owners are turning to composite wood decking, fencing and balustrade as their choice of material, predominantly for the reasons mentioned above.

If you are considering using composite wood decking, fencing and balustrade to give your caravan additional security and privacy and to provide a great place to sit and relax, take a look at what this type of material is and the various benefits it provides to caravan owners.

Composite wood

Composite wood is essentially made out of a mixture of materials, namely wood and plastic. The natural wood that goes into composite materials comprises of varying shapes of cellulose fibres. The structure of the natural wood means it is extremely versatile and can be used as a practical choice for a range of applications.

Kind to the environment

Are you an eco-conscious caravan owner? Perhaps you don’t regard yourself as an ‘eco warrior’ but aspire to modify your lifestyle so it leans towards the greener side?

Either way, having composite wood decking, fencing and balustrades surrounding your caravan, would be a good place to start.

Think about it. The plastic that is put into the composite material would have only been clogging up landfills and contributing to global warming. By contrast, it could be used much more efficiently and effectively, as a robust choice of decking, fencing or balustrade for your caravan.

Wave goodbye to wasting valuable holiday time maintaining your caravan

Nobody goes on holiday to work, right? While returning to your caravan after several months away might require a bit of weeding in the garden or dusting down inside, you don’t want to have to spend hours arduously staining and painting fencing, decking and balustrade in order to maintain its condition and prevent it from rotting!

As composite wood is a more robust and hardwearing material than the likes of timber, you can have peace of mind that your caravan’s exterior will be protected from the elements and won’t require hours of staining and painting on your return – Even if it’s located in a remote corner of Wales which sees high amounts of annual rainfall!

Then there’s the look to consider

Caravan plots are designed to be decorated, maintained and kept looking great. They are also much more desirable if they retain a natural look that is in-keeping with their surroundings of natural beauty.

Composite wood decking, fencing and balustrade not only looks natural and in-keeping with surroundings, but its innovative and modern finishing will mean your caravan plot looks super stylish all  year round.

So what are you waiting? Treat your caravan to the attention it deserves and keep a smile on your face when you return, time after time, with composite decking, fencing and balustrade.

Why composite wood decking

Providing a fresh and modern yet natural look that is easy to clean and maintain, composite wood decking offers a great alternative to traditional timber decking.

If you are thinking about installing decking in your garden and are undecided about which material to use, take a look at what composite wood decking is and the multiple advantages of this alternative form of decking.

What is composite wood?

Composite wood is essentially a material made up of wood fibre and plastic, bound together by a binding agent. It is generally stronger, heavier and denser than wood on its own.

This relatively new product to the decking industry is proving popular, namely due to its robust and long-lasting qualities.

However, there is much more to composite wood decking other than its unrivalled strength and durability.

A natural look

One reason composite wood decking has become so popular is due to its stylish yet natural look. Being made up of real timber while incorporating an innovative design, composite wood timber provides a stunning and modern look that still looks natural.

Furthermore, composite wood decking comprises of a range of natural finishes and colours, which blend in seamlessly with the surroundings in a garden, augmenting its natural look that is in-keeping with the outdoor space.

Low maintenance

Come rain, snow, sun and wind, garden decking is certainly exposed to the elements. Unless it is treated and stained regularly, traditional timber decking is prone to becoming mouldy, cracking and rotting.

By contrast, composite wood decking requires much less maintenance. Simple cleaning methods with standard household cleaning products, is usually a sufficient way of maintaining the condition of composite wood decking.

Unlike other types of decking, composite wood does not usually splinter, meaning it can be walked on with bare feet!

Slip resistance

Asides walking on the smooth, nick-free surface with bare feet, composite wood is also waterproof and consequently slip resistant.

Even if it’s raining, the whole family can spend time on composite wood decking without fear they will slip on the surface and hurt themselves.

Pest control

While most ‘standard’ forms of decking have to be sprayed with pesticides and other heavy metals during its treating process, to ensure it is not prone to being invaded by pests, composite wood decking does not require such additives. Composite wood is naturally resistant to the likes of insects and fungi and therefore does not need to rely on pesticides.  


Being made from plastic and wood, composite wood decking is generally more hardwearing to the elements of the weather and consequently has a longer lifespan than other decking materials.


With a growing emphasis to adopt more environmentally friendly practices and lifestyles in the home, more and more homeowners are turning to more greener types of furniture and furnishings.

Composite wood decking certainly complies with those aspiring to make their home more eco-friendly. Made from recycled wood and other recycled materials, composite wood is a greener option of decking than, for example, solely timber decking.

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to comprehend why more and more people are turning to beautiful and practical composite wood as their choice of decking.

Benefits of composite wood fencing

Not so long ago if we wanted to install a fence in our garden the only choices we had were wood or metal. Today our choice of fencing is much wider. Of course with more options at our disposal, homeowners are left with the headache of deciding which type of fencing to opt for. Composite wood fencing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for numerous reasons.

Take a look at the main benefits of this stylish and practical type of fencing.

Looks natural yet without the maintenance

As composite wood fencing is formed from a combination of recycled wood and plastic, it fundamentally looks like wood. However, unlike fencing made solely out of wood, with composite the days of arduously painting and staining the fence in order to maintain its condition and look, are over.

A strong and robust choice of fencing

If there is one feature of a garden or outdoor space that is required to be strong and durable, it’s a fence. With rain, wind, snow and sunshine to contend with, poor quality fencing will not stand a chance in the unpredictable British weather!

This is when composite wood fencing can prove invaluable. Being made from a number of recycled materials, composite wood is extremely dense and being so dense also means it is very strong.

A lightweight choice

Despite its strength, composite fencing is also fairly lightweight, meaning it can be erected easily but stays strong and in good condition for many, many years.

Smooth and splinter-free!

It’s almost uncanny how kids have a compelling urge to run their hand across surfaces such as fences. How many times does the habit result in a painful splinter burying itself into young skin?

Being smooth, composite wood fencing is splinter-free, meaning you can let the children run their hands up and down it as much as they want, without running the risk of having a hand full of splinters!

An environmentally friendly choice

Using recycled wood and recycled plastic and manufactured by eco-friendly methods, composite wood is a greener choice of fencing. Instead of the plastic being shipped off to a landfill, it is used to make the composite wood, giving you peace of mind that you are ‘doing your bit’ for the environment.

A stylish looking fence


Without being prone to the rotting, splintering and cracking traditional timber fencing is susceptible to, with composite wood fencing you won’t run the risk of your garden resembling ‘Steptoe’s backyard!’

On the contrary, composite wood fences preserve their condition for longer and keep looking stylish and ‘new’ for many, many years.

If you are looking for a natural-looking fence that is incredibly low to maintain, is robust, environmentally friendly and rigid, composite wood could be the perfect type of fencing for you.

What’s more, this increasingly popular type of fencing is easy to install, meaning you can enjoy the myriad of advantages of this type of fencing, without any long and arduous installation process to contend with first!

Balustrades add both style and practicality to an outdoor area. Not only do they look great but they provide safety and support to a structure. Being made from recycled wood and plastic products.......

You need new fencing. You are tired of timber fencing rotting, warping and being quickly rendered as unusable. Though you don’t fancy the ‘unnatural’ and ‘out of place’ look of plastic fencing.........

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